The different types of professional equipment that are available in the market right now are: 1. Cooking Range: Under this category you will find a variety of professional cooking equipments that are extremely useful in a commercial kitchen. There are electric cook-tops, large hot plates, 4-burner ovens, deep fat fryers, huge dosa plates, etc. 2. Bakery Equipment: For those with a bakery, there are unlimited options with great efficiency and value. You will find bulk beaters, planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough kneaders, double decked baking ovens, proofing chambers et al. Those cakes are waiting to be made! 3. Steam Cooking Equipment: These include idli makers, steam jacket vessels, autoclaves, etc. 4. Refrigeration Equipment: This is one of the most important equipment in any kitchen. You can choose from under-counter 2-door refrigerators, 3-door under-counter refrigerators, vertical reach-in refrigerators, cold drink coolers, cold rooms, ice cream parlours and many more. Chilling will be even more fun! 5. Washing Equipment: These are of course an inevitable addition to your kitchen. There is a wide range of dishwashers to choose from in this category. Apart from the above types, you may also find serving trolleys, hot cases, coffee machines, wine coolers, barbeque grilling ovens and a lot more. Cooking is serious business but with the commercial range of cookware, your catering dreams will be a smooth ride! Rewa refrigeration is a leading Commercial Kitchen Equipments Supplier. It is a highly professional organisation that specializes in transforming any commercial kitchen space into an effective and modern catering zone. Commercial kitchen equipment or Canteen Kitchen Equipments are usually intended for industrial users for having a well-organized cooking environment so that they can deal with their customers in an efficient manner and attract appreciations of the visitors. Over the past few years, human life has changed significantly in every facet of life, whether it is technology, fashion or habit. It is fairly apparent in the kitchen supplies sector too and with changing trends and arrival of latest technologies, these have also witnessed a lot of transformations and specifically designed versions making your cooking task much easier and quicker. Cooking equipment Commercial kitchen apparatus that are utilized for cooking reason largely comprise dissimilar sorts of ovens and fryers. Depending on the prerequisite, users can select stoves from a series of alternatives. Usually, stoves are obtainable in single burner, dual burner, triple burner and four burner configurations.   Apart from stoves and ovens, there are griddle plates and fryers, which are primarily used to heat and cook food items. These products are extensively used in commercial kitchens and vital for having a high-quality return on an investment. Refrigeration equipment Refrigeration apparatus is a significant component of canteen kitchen equipments. In addition to usual refrigerators, you get dissimilar sorts of chillers in commercial kitchens. Refrigerators and storeroom fridge are the two most likely found commercial refrigeration apparatus underneath a kitchen counter. Glass door refrigerators are also trending these days because they add to the aesthetics of the place and combine sophistication with exquisiteness. Exhaust apparatus Today, every commercial kitchen makes use of exhaust apparatus in order to avoid the dispersed oils and spices from sticking to the kitchen walls and ceiling and over the furniture in the kitchen. This equipment makes use of an exhaust fan to make the kitchen area smoke free, driving hot gasses, dust and oil particles outside the building through a chimney and letting the fresh air in. Contemporary exhaust apparatus are the main components of Hotel Kitchen Equipments. There are models that come integrated with lights and auto-cleaning machinery in order to decrease the labor requirement for maintenance of these units.   Modern kitchen appliances are devised to make your cooking task a pleasure activity. In today’s fast paced life, having good kitchen equipment well in place is imperative for commercial as well as personal kitchens. Rewa refrigeration is the one of the largest Commercial Kitchen Equipments Manufacturer firms and bring you a wide range of kitchen appliances to suit your work and budget making your cooking area a much happier place. Kitchen is the most important part of a restaurant; it is the area that prepares all the dishes and delicacies to satisfy the appetite of the customers. Thus, it is vital to have appropriate Restaurant Kitchen Equipments for a satisfactory large-scale cooking. Running a restaurant kitchen needs managing the large-scale production of various types of recipes and requires different types of equipment, which can serve the versatility of purposes involved in cooking right from assembling the raw products to laying the prepared dishes on the plates and garnishing. What are Restaurant Kitchen Equipments? These are the kitchen equipments that are used in hotels and restaurants for a variety of purposes for making the work easy. It includes anything from large burners to meat cutting blades and requires proper handling by efficient users. Restaurant Kitchen Equipments are of various kinds, and there are many providers for them which render a complete infrastructural change in the kitchen with the brilliance of technology and machinery advancement. What are different kinds of Equipment required in Restaurants? With the inclusion of a large number of cuisines, different kinds of equipment and cooking platform are required for running a restaurant kitchen successfully. Some of the kitchen equipment are:- • Burners: There are various burners that are used in the kitchen of restaurants making cooking easy and time bound. Depending on the size of the restaurants, burners range from single to multiple burners on the same rack. • Chapati Maker: It is very easy to make chapatti for a large number of customers in a restaurant with equipment like roti maker, chapati puffers, tandoor and also has cookers of different size for large quantity of rice. • Storage Cabinets: For stacking unused plates, for easy carrying of items, there are many cabinets and trolleys that can be used. • Cutting Tools: There are many pre-preparation kitchen equipments for easy work. There is a wide range of vegetable cutting equipment, masala grinder, spice pulverizer for making it convenient and time-saving for the workers. One can get potatoes peeled easily with a precise potato peeler. • Dough Kneader: With dough kneader it is easy to knead large quantity of dough and meat mincing machine finely minces the meat. What are benefits of such equipment? While running an eatery, the Hotel Kitchen Equipments helps in saving a lot of time and doing things in a much efficient way without much hassle. It helps in cutting a lot of vegetables in the quickest possible time, kneading large quantity of dough and making preparations easy. Also large refrigerators can store the huge amounts of items and maintain them in a fresh state saving your time and transportation costs. With a large number of customers and less manpower, these types of equipment are effective towards providing a smooth running of a commercial kitchen with promptness and efficacy. Rewa refrigeration  is one of the leading Commercial Kitchen Equipments Suppliers. They have been into the business for a long time now supporting all types of restaurants and hotels to facilitate their customers with prompt and delectable dishes.

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